Angry Birds Star Wars from Rovio

The rebel birds will be striking from the hidden base to win against the evil pigs. The characters in Angry Birds Star Wars have a combination of Angry Birds and Angry Bird Space and the characters have extra abilities that will make the game more adventurous. The game play consists of more than 100 levels and each level player has to use tactics to solve the puzzle. Some levels are kept in the outer space which will give the out of the world experience. Some enemies will shoot laser beam which by getting hit will stop the bird’s progression.

Angry Birds Star Wars – Features

  • Game Play – Powers like lightsabers, Blasters and Jedi to revenge Imperial Pigs
  • Bird’s skill improvement – As you proceed with the game the birds will get upgraded with certain abilities
  • Secret Goodies – Bonus levels R2-D2 and  C-3PO are available to unlock
  • Mighty Falcons – If struck on a level, Mighty falcons will substitute for birds to clear the tricky level.
  • User Interface – some levels are seems to be big which can be by pinching on the screen to make smaller and by expanding to make zoom.

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